Sustainability, paired with the need for high efficiency or multipurpose natural products are some of the buzz words we are hearing in the cosmetic world nowadays. ECKART is answering to these needs with ECOFIL, its new brand for natural cosmetic fillers. 

ECOFIL B110 is a natural micronized biodegradable polymer filler. It is obtained from renewable resources and suitable for color cosmetic and personal care applications.

ECOFIL B110 can be used as a mattifier, to hide optical imperfections of the skin (Soft Focus Effect) or to fine tune subtle properties of formulations, like application behavior or skin feel.

Discover the benefits of ECOFIL B110 with our new formulations!




Natural Skin Care - "Face Cream”PDF
Natural Skin Care - "Purifying Clay Mask”PDF
Natural Skin Care - "Hydrating Face Mask”PDF
Natural Hair Care - "Daily Moisture Conditioner”PDF
Matte Lip Tint – “Sundown in Montréal”PDF
Matte Leg and Body Coverage – “Peanut Butter Chocolate”PDF
Water-in-Silicone Light Coverage Cream- "Caramel”PDF
Foundation Stick - "Smooth Caramel”PDF
Natural Lotion – “1.5% ECOFIL B110”PDF
Natural Lotion – “5% ECOFIL B110”PDF
Mattifying Face Primer – “It matters…”PDF
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