CLAYTONE - Oil phase, organic phase

Natural organophilic layered silicates

Product Description
CLAYTONE products are organically modified bentonites designed for use in cosmetic and personal care systems to develop thixotropic
rheological control and suspension. They are designed to impart a high degree of gelling efficiency over a wide range of oils or solvents.

• High and constant thixotropic thickening
• Avoid settling and phase separation
• Stabilize W / O emulsions
• Help to work over a wide temperature range
• Improve spreadability of cosmetic products
• Impart a soft, elegant feel

• Antiperspirants
• Creams and Lotions
• Liquid Make-Ups
• Nail Lacquers
• Sunscreen Products
• Wax Based Products (e.g. Lipstick, Cream Eye Shadow)

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