TIXOGEL Mastergels- Oil phase, organic phase

Fully activated natural organophilic layered silicates

Product Description
TIXOGEL Mastergels are combinations of oils and organically modified bentonites already activated with Propylene Carbonate. They can provide stable, predictable, reproducible thixotropic viscosity and pigment suspension in a variety of cosmetic formulation types. TIXOGEL Mastergels can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing cycle with medium shear dispersion equipment.

• Ready for use gels
• Can be incorporated with simple stirrers
• Cost reduction and time-saving in production
• Eliminate use of dry powder dispersion
• Constant rheological efficiency due to optimum dispersion and activation

• Antiperspirants
• Creams and Lotions
• Make-Up
• Sunscreen Products
• Wax Based Products (e.g. Lipstick, Cream Eye-Shadow)

Delivery form
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