Trend Color Forecast Autumn / Winter 2021/22 –
New York Nights


What other time in the year calls more for sparkle than the festive season? Employing shades of purple, green, and blue, the trend New York Nights interprets this glamorous style in an utterly innovative manner. It demonstrates how easy it is to realize stunning interference effects when MIRAGE and SYNCRYSTAL pigments are mixed.

This becomes especially evident in the highlighter, which showcases ECKART´s new MIRAGE Holo Magic combined with the new SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold to obtain a unique shimmer on the skin. Again, additive likes CLAYTONE, OPTIGEL and TIXOGEL help to refine product features like rheological behavior, spreadability and stability.


Nail Polishes: Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Hudson River, Christmas Tree
Eye Shadow Mousse: Times Square, Skyscraper
Brilliant Lipstick: Broadway Boulevard
Lip Gloss: Red Manhattan
Liquid Highlighter: Lights of NYC