Trend Color Forecast Summer 2021 - Havana Sounds

The Charming Allure of Music

Hot, lazy summer afternoons always carry an atmosphere of upcoming party– that’s why our summer trend ”Havana Sounds” builds on the colors of the home of salsa and many other latin music styles: soft tobacco tones mix with blue and coral shades of colonial facades, sparkling effects alternate with matt and silky surfaces.

The trend demonstrates the huge potential of our SYNCRYSTAL pigment range, which is well known for brilliant interference effects as well as remarkable pearlescence. There’s “Cuba Libre”, the shimmery bronze Eye All-Rounder 3in1. It serves as eyeliner, eye shadow and eye shadow base simultaneously. The pressed eye shadow duo enthralls with its extremely shiny coral and sky blue colors.

Thanks to our TIXOGEL and GARAMITE additives, the pink and bronze colored lipsticks ”Salsa Club” and “Cuban Cigar” captivate with excellent applicability plus superb hiding power.