Atomized powders and alloys

Within the production chain, powder is the precursor to metal-based pigments. Atomization is carried out either in the presence of air or under inert gas. The first case produces nodular and semi-spherical particles, the second case spherical particles.

The company's range of powders includes aluminum, copper, zinc and various alloys, suitable for several fields of applications, e.g.  additive manufacturing, brazing, thermal spraying and lubricants. For detailed information, please contact our sales representatives Dr. René Kumar or Dominik Reuschel.

Aluminum powders

ClassD 50Particle shape
Class 2> 50µmnodular
Class 320 - 50µmnodular / semi-spherical / spherical
Class 410 - 20µmnodular / semi-spherical / spherical
Class 55 - 10µmsemi-spherical / spherical
Class 6< 5µmspherical

Aluminum alloys

Based on many years of experience in classification and a modern production technology, customers can choose from a wide range of products. Special alloys are available upon request. 

SeriesMain alloy
8000Al-other elements

Zinc and copper powders

Zinc AS< 25µm
< 45µm
< 100µm
45 - 100µm
100 - 500µm
Copper AS< 45µm