ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Back to the Roots

Trend Color Autumn/Winter 2019/20 - Back to the Roots

Nature’s magic in our age

 In an age of super-foods and 3D-printers, it is time to take a look at where we come from. „Back to the roots” celebrates the wonderful magic of natural materials. Against the backdrop of high-tech, it provides an assuring sense of continuity within the real world.
This trend is an invitation to take an imaginary walk through a snow-covered forest on a bright winter day and enjoy its beautiful colors: the somber shades of winter woods, the sobriety of pine cones and fir twigs or the icy shimmer of frozen berries, contrasted by the brilliant sparkle of snowflakes.
Introducing the brand new SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red, „Back to the Roots” provides an exciting reinterpretation of brilliant red, which is found in lipstick, nail polish and creamy rouge.

Nail Polish: Blackjack Oak, Red Mahogany, Dark Driftwood, 
Creamy Eye Shadow: Icy Blackthorn, Ebony, Cedar Cypress, Pinecone, Frozen Berry
Creamy Rouge: Holly
Lipstick: Super Red
Liquid Lipstick: Cinnamon Milk
Lip Gloss: Hot Chocolate