ECKART Effect Pigments

ECKART Trend Color Forecast Spring/Summer 2017 –


Neither sweet nor elegant, definitely feminine and certainly headstrong: COHACHELLA is intended for women who like to stray a little from the mainstream, in order to make their own alluring fashion statement. Consisting of atypical summer colors – brown, purple, indigo and blackish blue even – the trend evokes the unconventionial, outlandish and slightly hippiesque styling prevalent at open air events or rock concerts. Its enchanting character is mainly achieved with SYNCRYSTAL pigments, which impart an unrivaled shimmer to bold colors in particular.

To give the eye shadows particular durability when dancing those nights away, COHACHELLA pressed eye shadows contain the cosmetic filler SYNAFIL. The application of hair and body highlighter, on the other hand, is made easy by OPTIGEL, also added to the products.