ECKART Effect Pigments

Trend Color Forecast Spring/Summer 2018 – ALOHA!


Glittering sun, foaming surf: These waves, the way they climb, break, fall – they are irresistible! The two friends look at one another: Now? Now! They glide out on their surfboards, carried along, higher and higher, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun. The wave breaks – they glide back, quickly at first, the foam swirling around them, then slower and slower. They look at one another: Again? Again! Again and again, they glide out into the churning waves and are carried back on the swirling spray. Aloha, this is the essence of life!

Light lilac-rose and green-yellow tones
Shower Gel: Frangipani
Liquid Eye Shadows: Waikiki Wave, Honolulu Breeze, My Surfboard
Lip Shine: Flower Garland
Lip Rouge: Hula-Hula
Nail Polishes: Palm Leaves, Hawaiian Papaya, Purple Paradise