ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Vintage Memories

Trend Color Forecast Spring / Summer 2019 - Vintage Memories

Welcome to the days, when pop culture was still young and full of promises. Vintage Memories, our style for early spring, celebrates a nostalgic look at the delicate, yet intense colors which carried that
emotion: mint, ivory, rose, and smoky blue. Lipsticks, creamy eye shadows and nail polishes feature only SYNCRYSTAL pigments and create subtle flowery impressions. In contrast, the mint colored
eyeliner surprises with a reddish golden sparkle when applied, highlighting the season’s stylish chic.

Colors: mint green, pearly ivory, smoky blue, antique pink.
Lips: Silky Lipstick Shabby Chic Style, Colorful Lipstick Satin Coral Pink
Eyes: Creamy Eye Shadows Retro Green, Traditional Blue, Aged Rose; Eyeliner Mint Tulle Skirt
Nail Polishes: Denim Jacket, Blonde Lace, Floral Bouquet