ECKART Effect Pigments

ECKART Trend Color Forecast Spring/Summer 2017 – Hello, May!


When spring finally arrives, nature’s energies are overwhelming. Who could resist the burst of light and scents that replace drab winter gloom? And what could be more enchanting than the bright colors of a meadow full of flowers bathing in the sun? That’s why our trend colors HELLO, MAY! employ a mixture of MIRAGE and SYNCRYSTAL pigments to refine the bright shades of pink, orange, red and turquoise. In effect, HELLO, MAY! stands for that particularly fresh sparkle which only the spring sun can conjure up for that brief period of time when winter is definitely over but most trees are still without leaves. 

Besides nail polishes and lip gloss, the concept also features a triple of creamy eye shadows whose soft elegant feel is achieved with the rheology additive TIXOGEL-VSP 1438. A liquid soap with the pigment MIRAGE Dazzling Silver completes HELLO, MAY!