Effect Pigments and Inks for Textile Printing

Effect Pigments and Inks for Textile Printing include both metallic and pearlescent pigments, which add scattering, color reflection and brilliance to almost any fabric substrate.

Silver and Bronze Inks and Pigments

In our modern environment we are surrounded by a variety of textile materials. Apart from clothing, these are not only decorative fabrics for interior and exterior use, but also upholstery for furniture, protective covers and textile applications. These receive their optical characteristics through their texture, web types, the dyeing of the yarns as well as through printing and other kinds of finishing.

Particularly attractive decorative materials can be achieved by finishing with effect pigments, either using the classic screen-printing process, coating rollers or transfer processes. 


In addition to the simulation of metallic effects on textile materials using aluminum and gold bronze pigments, pearlescent effect pigments in particular open up new possibilities for the elegant or fashion-oriented design of textiles.

With SYMIC, Eckart offers particularly pure pearlescent pigments based on synthetic mica and, for exceptionally brilliant results, the LUXAN series, which, thanks to the base material glass flake, produces maximum clarity in color reflection.

The complex manufacturing process of these pigments via the type and thickness of the surface coating as well as via the particle size distribution enables a multitude of effects from shimmering to glittering with amazing color variations.


In addition, SYMIC and LUXAN have special value in addition to their excellent sensory and regulatory properties.

The effects achieved show an extraordinarily high resistance even outdoors and thus produce brilliant effects on textile materials with value retention.

Get inspired and check for more information on our wide range of these exciting effect pigment.

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