ECKART Effect Pigments


Baxenden Chemicals is a world leader in polyurethane technology. It has become a recognised, well-respected name in the urethane chemicals market and is currently selling products to over 30 countries, via a network of established agents.

The Company has the UK's largest polyurethane dispersions manufacturing facility located in Droitwich, England and has achieved an excellent reputation for problem solving and innovation.

In addition to the wide range of polyurethanes produced, Baxenden Chemicals also manufactures polyesters, acrylic polymers, acrylic emulsions and other speciality chemicals.

The Divisions that make up the Company are the Applied Chemicals Division and the Speciality Chemicals Division. The Divisions operate on three principles. Responding to customer needs with tailor-made products and processes. Making that response swift, accurate and cost effective. Both sites are ISO 9000 registered.

The Applied Chemicals Division operates in three broad areas: polyester resins; solvent-based coatings and adhesives; and polyurethane dispersions. The Division is the UK's foremost supplier of saturated polyester resins for the manufacture of flexible urethane foam and polyurethane elastomers. The Division's traditional solvent-based textile coatings confer impressive waterproofing performance and a major breakthrough in this area of technology has allowed the development of breathable polyurethane coatings.

The Speciality Chemicals Division offers a wide range of polyurethane prepolymers and crosslinkers, including novel patented high performance blocked isocyanate products for use in automotive topcoats and coil coatings. Many other products produced by this division are used extensively in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, inks and binders for many applications.

The Speciality Chemicals Division also specialises in polyurethane systems technology, including foam, thermal break systems and polyurethane dispensing equipment. It manufactures a wide range of foam systems including Rigid, Rigid Integral Skin, Flexible, Flexible Integral Skin and Semi-Rigid Foam used to produce automotive mouldings in addition to many other applications including, insulation, construction and marine applications.

Baxenden Chemicals is a UK based joint venture owned by Crompton Corporation and Croda International plc.