FLUORESCENT colours are setting the trend in fashion, advertising and safety. Some materials can convert energy into light under specific circumstances. This process is called fluorescence and fluorescent pigments have a very important part to play in it. RADIANT COLOR N.V. in Houthalen supplies fluorescent pigments to customers in fifty countries throughout the world. The company was founded in 1966.

Since 1990, RADIANT COLOR N.V. has become a RPM company. RPM, Inc. is a world leader in specialty coatings. Within RPM, two well known fluorescent pigment producers, RADIANT COLOR Belgium and DAYGLO COLOR Corp. are present. Both companies have their own production, R&D and Marketing organizations. RPM currently holds close to 50% of the world market in fluorescent pigments.

Fluorescent pigments were developed in laboratories towards the end of the Thirties. Over the years they have evolved to become what they are today. The production mode involves encapsulating fluorescent dyestuffs in amino or polyester resin systems. RADIANT COLOR Houthalen makes a number of the basic materials required in the manufacture of the pigments at the Houthalen plant and purchases the rest on the international market. At RADIANT COLOR Houthalen, fluorescent pigments are manufactured on two production lines ; a polycondensation line and a dispersion line. Before being dispatched to their final destination, the pigments are ground to a size of 5 microns or less (depending on specifications). RADIANT COLOR produces high quality products, nearly all of which are patented. More of the products are exported and only 4 - 5% are sold in Belgium. 80% of all exports are to European countries, mainly Italy, France and Germany and 20% to countries outside Europe.

RADIANT COLOR's major customers are found in the textile printing, plastics processing, paper coating and printing ink industries, as well as in paint and lacquer industry. RADIANT COLOR's factory, laboratory and offices (55 employees) are located on a 1.5 hectare site in the Europark industrial estate in Houthalen.

In recent years RADIANT COLOR has experienced explosive growth. In order to ensure that growing demand can continue to be satisfied, the company took a whole new factory complex into production.
In Houthalen, new production and officebuildings are being added to the existing ones. In addition, 2000 will see heavy investment in advanced machinery developed with the aid of company's own know-how. RADIANT COLOR's strategy for the future is aimed at worldwide expansion.