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Brilliant, Sustainable, Groundbreaking: Effect Pigments for Tomorrow’s Applications

At ABRAFATI 2019 (October 1 – 3), ECKART presents innovations for the coatings and printing industry and for functional applications. 

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Trend Colors 2020

Collaborating with trend scouts and the international Color Marketing Group, the ECKART team Industrial Coatings creates five inspiring color trends with six shades each every year. The new colors demonstrate the diverse optical and esthetic opportunities which metallic and pearlescent effects offer, without compromising sustainability concerns.

Effect Pigments for Sustainable Silver Metallic Coatings 

Solvent-free pigment preparations support sustainable coating concepts. The new STAPA® SFP HYDROLAN pastes use resin instead of solvents. The VOC-free pigments were specifically designed for aqueous systems and create a highly brilliant metallic optic. They offer extreme formulation freedom while providing high efficiency and environmental compatibility. The solvent-free derivative of the established STAPA® IL HYDROLAN series is characterized by its high shear and gassing stability. Colors range from practically structureless silver to glittering metallic effects.

Silver Pigments for Demanding Systems

The new aluminum pigments STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus were specially developed for aqueous coating systems with very aggressive formulations. The pastes are based on the advanced development of SiO2 encapsulation. As a result, they provide significantly better stability plus excellent gassing stability. Additional characteristics are their outstanding optical properties in combination with circulation stability.

Further Developments in the Field of PVD Pigments

The highly brilliant HYDROSHINE dispersions were specifically designed for aqueous colors and coatings. They are based on ECKART’s PVD aluminum technology. Their advancement led to optimized gassing and chemical stability as well as humidity resistance. Optical properties were improved, too.

SILVERSHINE 400: Top in Brilliance, Metallic Effects and Opacity

A unique combination of brilliance, metallic effects and opacity are the characteristics of the new SILVERSHINE 400 series. This was achieved by the advancement of the silver dollar technology: novel grinding processes, a very narrow particle size distribution plus the careful selection of high-quality aluminum grit produce highly brilliant silver colors and an excellent flop behavior, ranging from smooth and structureless effects to classy sparkle.

The fact that the fine and medium-fine silver dollar pigments are almost free of scattering properties contributes to SILVERSHINE 400’s compelling optical properties. Even when tinted with organic pigments, their metallic character remains. 

Suitable applications for the solvent based SILVERSHINE 400 series are high-end coatings and premium-quality ink systems, e.g. for vehicles, consumer electronics, and household appliances, but also for the graphic arts industry. Outstanding chemical and gassing stability in aqueous systems are the most striking properties of the complementary STAPA® IL HYDROLAN® S waterborne product versions.


The new pearlescent pigment EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange provides highest chroma plus unrivalled brilliance. It expands the color space opened up by EDELSTEIN Ruby Red. Thanks to ECKART’s patented coating technology for synthetic pigments, the EDELSTEIN portfolio is characterized by high chemical and shear stability as well as strong coverage. The pigments’ CFX versions are weather and humidity resistant and show ideal intercoat adhesion.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne is a new, very refined champagne shade and emits a silver-white shimmer or a warm, mellow red coloring, depending on the angle of view and how the light hits it.

Unique Metallic and Pearlescent Effects for Powder Coatings

STANDART® PCBF is the name of a new generation of non-leafing aluminum preparations, which are based on a patented coating-technology. PCBF stands for powder coating bonding free. The aluminum particles are embedded in silicon dioxide units and additionally encapsulated with a coating of thermosetting resin molecules. Thanks to this technology, metallic effects achieved with powder coatings are in no way inferior to metallic effects achieved with wet applications. The pigments provide excellent resistance to weather and to chemical stress. 

STANDART® PCUplus800, a non-leafing aluminum pigment, was developed for applications that demand an extremely high chemical resistance. The very fine pigment shows excellent results in mortar and humidity tests.

Effect Pigments for Functional Applications: eConduct - Conductive Pigments
The eConduct product range contains electrically conductive pigments which can be used as a cost effective alternative to real silver in various applications.